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Done Deal


Learn what's required to qualify - No Hidden Rules or Bait and Switch

Vault prides itself in transparency and loan approvals.  

Check off each of the below items and you qualify.

The Deal:

  • Minimum Loan amount of $75,000

  • Maximum cost of purchase and rehab not to exceed 65% of After Repair Value *

  • Total Rehab budget not to exceed 35% of the total project cost

  • Property located in a county with a population greater than 100,000

  • Complete a detailed scope of work, download here

  • Detailed photos of property

The Borrower:

  • Must purchase property in a legal entity (LLC, Corporation, Etc.)

  • Credit score higher than 630 with no recent foreclosures or bankruptcies

  • Maximum loan amount not to exceed five times the borrowers current cash on hand**

  • Experience is a plus but if it is your first deal there are qualifying exceptions ***

  • Provide a complete underwriting file

* Can go to 70% of ARV on your third loan with us or if you have completed 6 projects in the last 24 months.

** Can go up to six times current liquidity for more experienced borrowers

***General Contractors, Having completed a course on rehabbing houses, Having a partner with experience are all qualifying exceptions to experience

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